Friday, August 28, 2009

Opportunity Knocks...Tap Tap Tap

I am happy to report that I was just hired to teach part-time at a local college. I am teaching a couple sections of Art Appreciation, a class I LOVE to teach! I wish it were full-time, but hey, I will take what I can get, a tiny amount of income is better than no income at all.

So far, the first class seems interesting and witty, I hope this will continue throughout the term. I still have yet to meet my other class which is tomorrow. Luckily for me, some brave souls decided they want to learn about art on Saturdays. I am interested to see who these lovely people are that would give up a treasured Saturday afternoon to listen to me lecture.

Ironically, I got the call from the college to interview for the position two days after I began volunteering at the local historical society. Now you tell me, isn't this proof of generosity and kharma at work here? Just when I was starting to feel extremely hopeless, I decide to do something good to help others and Voila! opportunity knocked on my door.

The universe somehow always seems to have a way of righting itself, even in our most desperate hours. I hope I do a fantastic job so they keep me on and give me even more classes next term. So, here is to good kharma and keeping hope alive! May all of you have such luck come your way as well!

And so it goes...

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