Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Broken Computer

So I get home from my lovely holiday visit with family out of state and my computer decides it doesn't want me back apparently. The thing keeps shutting off completely right when you are in the middle of doing things. It is so frustrating. I have taken this thing in 3 times already in less than a year and I am about to go bonkers. Best Buy has a lemon policy of 3 repairs and they replace the computer, well apparently this means after the third time because I still have to wait because they cannot fix it or figure out why the computer is doing this so they are sending it away. This means I get to wait anywhere from 2 weeks to a month until it comes back, hopefully working properly. Apparently to Best Buy a 3 time lemon policy means you have to bring it in 4 times for repairs, now that is some world-class math right there, 3 = 4 in their universe.

This situation makes me especially crazy because they still sell the computer yet their Geek Squad cannot fix it. When I ask why they sell a product they know is crappy and they cannot fix they don't have a remotely legitimate answer for me. Their answer was that they don't know if they can fix them until something goes wrong and people bring them in. Well, if people have been bringing them in and you cannot fix them, multiple times by just me alone, then why do you still sell it right over there?!?

All I can say is I will never ever ever ever ever buy a Gateway again and I wish that more people had local computer businesses that weren't put out of business by the incompetent folks at my local Best Buy. Sorry for the tangent, but "Buyer Beware" is screaming in my ear right now...

In the meantime, my husband who goes to school online, my son who is addicted to Free Realms, and me who has to prep her upcoming spring term courses now have to share the one little computer in the house. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful to have a computer at all and now I guess I can make some time for a few of those resolutions, but I had to share what a terrible policy this is so that maybe others don't make the mistakes I did with their choice of computer superstore. If only I would have listened to my brother and bought a Dell...

And so it goes...
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