Saturday, August 15, 2009

Help Wanted...

The Cannon Log Cabin where students discover what life was like in 1847.

So I am still on the job hunt, very depressing. As I clean the house, search for jobs, put in applications, read, take care of our son etc., I am still feeling rather useless. I respect all those women who are "stay at home" status but, it is not my thing, and even it was it was, it's not financially possible for us. I am grateful for the time though because it has allowed me to do physical therapy from the accident and to start doing a lot of things I meant to do but didn't have time to accomplish while teaching five classes. But, I have still felt I need to be of further use, so while job searching I decided I would contact some local organizations to see if they had paid positions and if not if they have any volunteer opportunities.

The local county historical society responded to my e-mail about volunteering. So, I went in this week and toured the museum, the historical buildings, and saw all the behind the scenes operations like cataloguing and preservation techniques and procedures. I am going to start going in every Tuesday and putting my education to use for the community. I am looking forward to this because it means I can be of service to others and I will hopefully learn a lot about museum operations, preservation, and display of historical objects. Even if it is on a smaller scale, the types of work done in a location like this is the same as any large institution, so I think it will benefit me greatly, both personally, by being of service, and professionally by enhancing my skill set.
Wish me luck!
And so it goes...
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