Monday, July 27, 2009

"Lost" Web Series

One more "Lost" tidbit I forgot to share in my last post...

At they are showing a web series to keep the fans going while they await the final season premiere in January of 2010 (cough, cough, yeah that's me). It is called "Mysteries of the Universe: the Dharma Initiative." I checked it out earlier today and the first installment is about 3 minutes long. It says it is from a documentary series shown in the 1980s that was one thought to be lost (insert drum roll pun here). This first section talks about conspiracy theories of secret organizations of people who live among us...dum Dum DUM!!

It will be interesting to see what follows in the nest episodes which are planned to air as follows:

Episode two: on 8/4/2009

Episode 3: on 9/8/2009

Episode 4: on 10/15/2009

Episode 5: on 11/16/2009

And so it goes...
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