Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Outlawing Cellphones

Driving safely is always an important issue. It used to be we talked about the dangers of having food and beverages, playing loud music, and talking with real live friends in the car; but now, the major concern about safe driving seems to swirl around the issues of not only talking on your phone in the car but about texting in the car while driving.

I know we live in a day and age where multi-tasking is often a matter of professional and personal survival, but so is putting the phone down! As if driving weren't dangerous enough people are adding to the difficulty for something that really truly can wait until we are done operating something that weighs several tons and is flying about at 60+ mph. When I took drivers education in the 1990s, they taught us defensive driving. This not only meant we didn't give ourselves 8 million distractions but we actually watched out for other people who were driving poorly.

For the safety of all, I hope all of us can and will: put the phone down until we aren't driving and watch out for other people while driving.

Staying alive is more important to friends and loved ones than us answering that phone.

And so it goes...

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