Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cell Confusion

O.K. I know I am an alien or something...but...I have not had a cell for about a year. My husband lost his job a few months ago shortly after I was in the car accident in December. We just didn't have the money for $100 a month for 2 phones and such, and the local phone landlines were only about $10 a month, so we said ciao! to the cells.

Now that I finally have transportation again after 5 months with no car (god it takes lawyers and insurance companies forever!) we are thinking about taking a trip to OH to see our family. So, this makes me nervous to travel without a cell, it is a 13 hour drive :( So I think I should at least get a pre-paid one or something. I don't need anything awesome or fancy, something simple for now. Money is beyond tight, it is non-existent right now in our house, so I need to hunt wisely.

The thought of checking online with the 8-billion cell adds makes me cringe! So I am turning to you blog world to see what you think. Does anybody out there know of a really simple, really basic, prepaid cell of some sort that they actually use for travel and only pretty much that? I would rather ask actual people then those just trying to sell me something. I used to have a Virgin prepaid when our son was first born and it was o.k., not sure if they are still good though. I really don't want to spend $100 a month, just a few bucks to keep it going if I have to, so we have it every so many months when we go see family, and to have for job interviews. I am on the hunt for a new position, so I may be traveling to search for a new job in other states or commuting daily 1 hour or so if I get something in Chicago. I basically just want to call family from the road with an ETA, have it for roadside emergency calls to AAA, or if some other emergency would happen to us along the way.

So if anybody has some good ideas I would love your thoughts!

And so it goes...
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