Monday, June 8, 2009

Road Trip Time

Working on getting affairs in order and things together to make a little road trip to visit family. My hubby's cousin is graduating from University soon, so, most of our family will be in one spot. We are trying to maximize our visit time so this should work out nicely, I hope.

I am a little worried about the long time in the car (9-10 hours drive) and how my leg is going to react. Usually I do most of the driving when we take trips, but, it looks like this time my hubby will have to do the majority of the driving because of my leg injuries. I am hoping with cruise control it won't be as bad as I anticipate.

There were a few sad events in the family too; but, I am hoping that the graduation, birth of a beautiful baby boy, and two more babies on the way will make it a happy and joyous visit. If my leg holds out in the car, I think we should be o.k. Since the accident I am paranoid about people running through stop signs and traffic lights when they are supposed to stop, so goodness knows what a long trip on America's highways will do to me...I hope my sanity remains intact, not just for me, but for the dear hubby and child as well!

And so it goes...
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