Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oh How Time Flies...

Well time is just flying by...I guess my Mother and in-laws were right after all! Last night was the Open House at my son's school. It was a really fun night and quite enjoyable to see all the cool things my son has been doing this school year.

The theme for the first-graders this year was "bugs"and their life-cycles. My first reactions were "yuck" and OMG what a brave teacher! They had bug stuff all over the classroom: inflatable bugs like the butterfly shown here, artwork the kids made, stories they had written, and of course live bugs...EEK!!

I am not really afraid of insects but I am not too fond of them either lol! The picture here is my son standing next to the bag containing their milkweed bugs. They studied the life-cycle of insects: they got them as eggs and saw them through larva, pupa, and eventually to fully formed insects. I know he loved it because he has been talking about it for months. Unfortunately, for me, the only ones "ready" were the red and black milkweed bugs and the burrowing beetles. The butterflies have yet to emerge.

 I just couldn't believe all of the things they do now at such a young age. Maybe it is because he is our one and only child, but I was kind of awestruck at all of the really cool things that they did this year. Pictured here is my son showing off his PowerPoint presentation to did not misread that...a PowerPoint presentation in 1st grade!!  They also had a class project of the "50 States." My son and his partner were assigned to Alabama.

The thing of course that made me happy as a clam was the art theme this year (go figure lol). The art teacher created an "art walk" that took you through the history of art, how crazy was I about this people! It began in the art classroom with pre-history and went up through the ages to modernism as you walked throughout the hallways of the school, just awesome!!

When we went down to say hello to the music teacher we passed the bulletin board for "Stone Soup"which was the first grade musical production this year. It was earlier this week and made me have a few cheesy "Mommy Moments" when we saw the performance. The idea and the musical numbers were inspired by the children's book of the same name, one that I remember reading when I was a child myself.

 The night ended with what else, an ice-cream social in the cafeteria! Overall it was a great evening. I cannot believe we have come to the end of his first full year in grade school, boy oh boy how time flies!!
And so it goes...
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