Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh Dear Feet, It's That Time of Year...

So it is getting to be that time of year...wearing sandals, people checking out your feet, what is the color scheme this summer? I personally have completely had it with the black nail polish that has been going around the last few years. I just couldn't do it...I know it was supposed to be chic and all the celebrities have been wearing it, but, for me personally, it just reminded me of high school: wearing flannel, listening to Nine Inch Nails, and being generally disgruntled at anything and everything before I had any difficulties to really complain about.

I am not a magazine person at all. I stopped reading any magazines about 7 years ago when I had my son. I came to the realization that all they did was pressure me to fit into a mold of perfection which I would A) never achieve, B)could never afford, and C) just made me feel bad about myself. So I am therefore completely in the dark about what are the chosen nail colors of the season.

I did a few searches via google and it seems they are still stuck on this retro 80s look. I am sorry but I cannot go bright neon lime green...too many memories of looking awful as a child in the 80s for me to go there. I also, however, do not want to be wearing a granny color on my toes when I am only 29+2. Any ideas out there for a solution to my pedi-predicament?
And so it goes...
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