Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blog Award

I received this lovely award from Juanita (, thanks so much! She is a fun Mom from Philly with a great blog design and some fun personal posts, so check her out!

The idea is to also kindly pass it along to 15 other individuals whose blogs you have run across and found interesting.

So here are my 15 to pass this lovely award along to:

1) Shelley at
2) Amber S. at
3) Laura at
4) Olivia at
5) Ursula at
6) EmFabulousFunshine at
7) Maryann at
8) Native American Momma at
9) Stacie at
10) Weightlossmother at
11) Mandy at
12) Cheryl at
13) Nanny Dee at
14) Julie at
15) Ness at

And so it goes...
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Blog Awards

Here are a few awards this blog has received thanks to some kind folks!

Friends and Favorites Award

Friends and Favorites Award
given 05/20/2009 by SquirrelQueen (

One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog Award
given on 07/23/2009 by Juanita (