Monday, May 11, 2009

Victory At Last!!

If you read my earlier post "The Empty Dog Bed" the image is familiar to you. I am happy to report that I put on my "common sense cap" and came up with an intelligent solution to my daring dog's predicament. Sassy now lovingly sits on her cushy dog bed without a ton of prompting from me to "go lay on your bed" for the 800th time (there is still some resistance but not as much). I moved yonder stacks of large art books to another location (bookshelves are all full, I really must remedy that one of these days) and rearranged a bit.

I can now happily report that Sassy and I have come to an understanding: she can lay right on top of me, yet not worry me about running over her fluffy tail. I strategically placed the dog bed beneath the front window, next to my desk, and behind my chair just past the carpet line. She is now free to relax, as am I, because I no longer have to worry about running her over and ordering her to go lay down constantly. Oh mighty common sense, where were you a month ago?

And so it goes...
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