Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oh Dear Feet: Part Deux

So I finally made a decision and made my purchases for this summer's nails! After perusing the Internet and local stores I found a recurring trend in the hot colors for Summer 2009. They are centered mostly around primary and secondary colors and not the usual shades of light pink or that overdone black that's been lurking around for the past year or two.

Pictured above, Sinful Nails: I like this nail polish brand because it is cheap, true to the color you see, and doesn't chip easily. I am a professional chipper since I wash dishes by hand (no dishwasher, the dishwasher is me), do almost all the house cleaning, and have a 6 year old, which means germs and dirt and therefore, constant hand washing! I also picked up a new bottle of Sally Hansen "strengthening" polish remover to keep these beaten nails strong, and a Dr. Scholl's for her "egg." The egg is just awesome! I have seen a similar one advertised on t.v. and this one was both cheaper and in pink, gotta love that! I gave it a whirl and it does what it promises: removed old skin and hardness from my heels and made my feet nice and smooth. It comes with a buffing side too that you use after the initial tough business to make them soft as a baby's behind. The odd little purple things are toe separators. They are made from a gel substance, kind of like the feet inserts you put in your shoes ("Are you gellin?"), so they do not hurt, and do not fall off when you are trotting to the bathroom or for an iced-tea refill, which, is just fantastic!

All of the nail color finds were $1.99 to $3.99 at my local Walgreens. The egg was $9.99 and the remover was $2.99 also at Walgreens. I hope this gives everybody some ideas for summer digits and tootsies at an affordable price! My first wear of the summer is the Sinful Colors golden shade called "This Is It" which, I found oh so appropriate since I was in search of the "it" colors this year! Happy painting!
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