Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Empty Dog Bed

So the other week my hubby and I took a cab (yes still no car since accident, no accountability these days I guess) to the pet store and then walked home to exercise my crappy leg. We were so happy when we found a great deal on a dog bed. We figured poor Sassy is 10 years old now and could use a nice cushy bed to hang out on and that maybe she wouldn't sit right on top of my chair at the desk. Since I am on the computer for work and entertainment all the time I figured this would be a fabulous thing.

The dog bed was an $80 bed on sale for $15...what a deal we said! It is shaped like a slice of pie so it sits perfectly in a corner or across a straight edge, like say the wall which is a whopping 4-5 feet from me. It is nice and cushy, very soft, and has a washable cover. Surely this would put our dog in a state of bliss, no?


Despite the fact that said awesome bed is extremely close to me and she can watch every move I make to the kitchen, bathroom, to kiddo's room, etc. because of my carefully chosen location, it is apparently not close enough. Apparently Sassy is a daredevil who likes to live on the edge and jump up and run whenever I scooch my chair to get up, grab a book, refill a drink, or just re-adjust in general.

What makes it even weirder is she is a well-trained and very intelligent dog. Sassy is a border-collie that I have had since she was a few weeks old. She follows every command instantly and has a very relaxed disposition. What I cannot understand is why in recent years she feels the need to sit right on top of my chair?!? I am so afraid I am gonna hop up to get the phone and run over her tail or something. I even bought her a gigantic bone to accompany her on afformentioned cushy bed to occupy her time. Apparently my easy dog likes the hardwood floor and running for her life instead of a nice bed. Pets can be so strange I swear.

And so it goes...
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