Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My first blogging experience...

Well, I have gone and done it...I created a blog. I never thought I would but it has recently occurred to me why a blog might be nice.

1. I can write whatever I want and publish it anytime I want. How freeing!
2. It is not like a real ink and pulp-wood "diary" so I do not need to feel obligated to write every day, I can write whenever I please or not write when I do not want to, and I can write without the restrictions of proper grammar (mostly, I am a pretty big grammar nut). How convenient!
3. Practically everybody and their dog has a blog so why not me. How cliche!
4. I do love the idea of self-publishing for no cost. How inexpensive!

So it is official now, I am, apparently, becoming a blogger!

And so it goes...
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