Sunday, June 28, 2015

Book Review: Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

Fiction. I read this one in March 2015 because it is another one that was selling like mad and was on everybody's hold list. It is a mystery and a thriller set in Australia amongst the mommy culture. It fits well as a good read for an American audience because they can relate to the mommy culture and its judgments: who is the best looking, who is the most devoted mommy, who is in the "it" group of super mommies, who is the outcast single mom who doesn't do all the mommy things properly for suburbia, and so forth. 

The main characters are interesting and the work will keep you guessing, two musts for a decent thriller. I could sympathize with each character and the elements of their lives, even those that are quite different from me (which is pretty much most of them). I always hate reading the bits about domestic violence, so be forewarned, it is in there, but the way the character explains and deals with it was eye opening for me. It was not left as just blank violence but explained from her perspective in an honest manner. I have trouble reviewing thrillers because I do not want to ruin it for anybody else, so I will end with saying it is a good one, well worth your time to read it. There is a reason why this one sold so many copies and is on so many people's library hold list.

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