Sunday, May 24, 2015

Book Review: The Giver by Lois Lowry

Fiction.  I read this one because they made it into a movie, the trailers looked pretty good, so I thought I would read the book and then watch the film.  I have not yet watched the movie, but the book I thought was interesting, and it is part of a series, and it does end in a way that leads you on well to want to read the next book.  I have not read the next book either, although I did enjoy this work.  It is for young adults and I think it fits the category well, and it is still complex enough to be a light read that is enjoyable for adults too.

The main character is Jonas, and like most young adult books the main character is unique and doesn't totally fit in, he does not fit a specific role really, so he is chosen to be the next Giver, who holds everybody's memories for them.  This is so that people can go on living their lives in this sort of Utopia without pain and sorrow, but of course this means they also live life without true happiness and joy too.  Everything is always the same and they are unaware of their lack of exposure to true life as we know it.  Jonas eventually learns how to receive the memories and live with them, and in the end he goes off on a quest, pretty much alone, and it seems to end with some hope and a bit of mystery to be solved.

I may one day read some more and I may get the movie one of these days, but I don't feel terribly compelled to do either one.  It was not a bad book, but it was not earth shattering for me.  Again, it is youth reading, so perhaps it is a more powerful read for elementary school children.  Each generation needs their heroes.

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