Monday, December 22, 2014

Sort of Book Review: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Fiction.  I always finish books, ALWAYS, no matter how much I dislike them, I even finished Out Stealing Horses, and I would rather give myself 500 paper cuts at one time and then squeeze lemon juice into the freshly wounded skin than read a word of that one ever again.  But, I just cannot do it.  I gave it about 50 pages and up to her time in Italy for a bit (blathering on and on about gorgeous brown eyes and gelato flavors), and I just cannot bring myself to read one more word.  

Maybe it is because I am hitting that point where I am beginning to realize that I no longer have the patience nor the time for moronic and horrible writers.  I am no longer forced to finish things I hate, I chose this silly thing for my free time, to relax; it is not for a class in graduate school, where and when I had no choice in the matter of assigned texts.  I simply refuse to squander my limited free time for the sole reason of saying "I finished this thing" before declaring that it was indeed a waste of my time.  I cannot read one more silly, idiotic, and vapid word by this woman.  It is a miracle she found somebody to pay her for this content-less drivel about her privileged life, promiscuous nonsense, and absolutely zero insight about anything at all.  I thought the title sounded promising and interesting, but I should have known better when I read the reviews.  So, I am walking away, and never touching this worthless nonsense again.

And so it goes...

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