Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Book Review: Revival by Stephen King

Fiction.  This is a fairly short one for Stephen King, only a few hundred pages.  The last couple of books he has written were all pretty short for his normal "by-the-pound" style as some have called it, even himself.  I am not sure why: publisher? attention span of the public? less time to write as he gets older? writing something else massive on the side over a long period of time (I hope)?  

He does follow his usual style though and makes this one about people, about what it means to be a human being, as all good books and writers ultimately do with their works.  Unlike Mr. Mercedes, this one is back at including something a little off, a little supernatural, but you do not hear too much about that until the end of the work, and I do believe he is tying it back to the Dark Tower series.  He said before that all of his works do tie to that series in some way, and it is his magnum opus after all.  King also refers back to Joyland in this one too, a fun little nod for avid readers of his work, and let's face it, those who read Stephen King are all avid readers in the end, as long as they make it past one work and especially if they read the Dark Tower series.

This one follows the life of Jamie Morton, starting first in his childhood, and then jumping forward to his adult years where he faces a life on the road as a backup guitarist and struggles with addiction.  There is also some interesting plot elements having to do with a preacher and his obsession with electricity and lightning, but I won't say too much, less I ruin it for other readers.  I enjoyed this book and thought the price for the eBook version at $11 for a new release was pretty reasonable, thanks B&N!  I also believe this would be a good one for those who are new to Stephen King because it is not too long, it is not too gruesome, and it has some wonderfully quotable lines too.  So grab a copy and enjoy!

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