Saturday, May 18, 2013

Book Review: Mudbound by Hillary Jordan

     Read for Bookies fiction book club CLPL for May 2013.  I finished the book the night before and then promptly missed going to book club because I was grading finals.  This double angered me because I did not like the book at all, and since I missed book club I basically read it for no benefit whatsoever.

     Different characters narrate each chapter, rotating between a few of them.  I do not feel like the writer captured the voices of each person very well, and much less successfully than other recent books that have done the same thing (like The Help).  It was a farm, life was hard, and people were terribly racist.  Not a big shocker for 1940s Mississippi and definitely a cliche in the book and film worlds.  I would not recommend wasting your time reading this one, I definitely want those hours of my life back.  It was boring and not thought-provoking at all.

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