Sunday, March 3, 2013

Netflix and Good Political Shows

     So we got rid of cable T.V. over two years ago.  At first I thought I would lose touch with the world, but have actually come to love watching and reading things on MY TIME and not when some network and such tells me I can do something.  We had Netflix for years, as the DVD delivery service, before they changed.  When they switched to two services I was mad at first, thinking I would have nothing to watch when we chose the "instant only" service.  I was wrong.  They have expanded their selection beautifully, including two shows made just for Netflix people with the instant watch (Lilyhammer and House of Cards).  One of the things I love about it is discovering shows I missed the first time around with no commercials, and if I have to pause and walk away or if I fall asleep (pretty much every night) it remembers where I left off.

     My latest discovery is The West Wing.  I am just starting season three, but am so far amazed about how many issues they covered in the show, during the first year alone, that we have gone through with much less success.  That in combination with their new show House of Cards makes for very interesting viewing about life in Washington.  I plowed through all the episodes of House of Cards, I did not dole them out over time, it was too good!  So, if you have Netflix, I completely suggest checking out these shows.  The West Wing is very clever with witty and quick dialogue, and House of Cards is a darker and more gritty view of politics in Washington, with Kevin Spacey constantly breaking the fourth-wall in television, and directly addressing the viewer.  But beware, there is some sincere adult content in House of Cards, so it is not remotely age appropriate for all viewers.

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