Monday, March 25, 2013

Book Review: The Little Book by Selden Edwards

Read for the fiction Crystal Lake Public Library book club for March 2013.  This cover is the large print cover which I read.

This is the regular size print cover which some of the other people had, also nice, but I like the large print cover better.

     We had a Skype session with the author who was interesting, friendly, and answered our questions well, even when we picked on him a bit for being so Freudian in the book!  We liked the book and thought the characters were o.k. but we thought he gilded the lily and over did it when he threw in Mark Twain for a moment too.  That made more sense to us though when we talked to him, because he shared a story where a friend said "hey, did you know Mark Twain was there at that time in Vienna too?"  And he decided he better put it in so if people asked why he did not include Mark Twain he would not have to answer that by putting him in there.  I was convinced that they were all dead about a quarter of the way into the book, sort of as a "people you will meet in heaven" or God help me "Lost" sort of thing, and I asked him about that during the Skype session.  He did say that many native American groups and tribes do believe you live these moments out at the moment of death and then just sort of sweetly smiled and eluded me a bit.  Smart guy :)  He did say there is a follow-up book (kind of fast since this one took 17 years to write) and that it opens with a whopper on the first page.  I will not put it down here in case that would be a spoiler.  I am considering reading the next one but with my crazy schedule it is tough to get in the two books a month for my book clubs as is, so I will have to see, maybe over the summer months...I also wanted to mention he showed us a wooden Frisbee his wife had made for him as a present, which I thought was fun and sweet, and very nice of him to share it with us!  It was a total pleasure to speak with him over Skype for our group, great guy!

The author, a very nice and friendly guy!

And so it goes...

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