Sunday, June 21, 2009

How you KNOW you are back in Chicago...

You KNOW you are back in Chicago when...

1.) People NEVER use turn signals
2.) The speed limit in construction is 45 mph but people go 85 mph
3.) You loose a tooth from gritting your teeth because you have been cut off for the 500th time in 10 minutes
4.) You go from 4 lanes, to 5 lanes, to 7 lanes split and miss your turn all within 30 seconds of drive time
5.) You don't see a police car anywhere because they are not anywhere near crazy enough to attempt pulling any of these wackoes over

We returned home safely and had an awesome visit, hooray!!!!

We are totally exhausted but we had a super visit with family and all the crazy driving was worth it! We had a torrential downpour leaving OH, a ton of sun through Indiana ( no kidding, I have a sunburn on my left arm from driving!), and a torrential downpour once we got through crazy Chicago traffic and were pulling into the driveway in good old Crystal Lake.

Now...where is my bed!!!!

And so it goes...
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